Durham DBT is a team of psychologists working in the Durham community, here to bring you state-of-the-art psychological treatments for personality, mood and anxiety disorders. Our psychologists have been trained by the very best clinicians and researchers to provide people in the community effective, empirically supported treatments for all major mental disorders. 

We are proud to welcome Dr. Jennie Lacy to our practice. Dr. Lacy comes to us after spending many years building the DBT program at Veritas Collaborative. We are excited to have Jennie lend her eating disorders and DBT expertise to our practice. She will be starting in September 2018 and is currently accepting new patients.

For more information, please contact Dr. Karen Erikson at (919) 308-8675. 

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Please feel free to browse the site even if you don’t need to schedule an appointment. We hope this site becomes a resource for people seeking mental health information, as well as a portal to our practice. One of the things we hope to achieve by posting various articles from the popular press, other areas of the web and providing a recommended reading list is to give people a sense of what’s “good” research/thought and what’s not. There’s so much useless and potentially harmful information, we feel it’s our duty to provide people with reading list that has at least been looked at by the trained eye.

Please have a look at the blog we have been working on. As with all things that require constant updates, things come and go in spurts. When we are actively updating, we’ll be posting articles we find interesting or particularly useful, as well as periodically writing our own articles. We hope you find it useful. Since these posts are very informal, we’ve allowed moderated commenting on them to enable an exchange of ideas among those who frequent the site.

For a description of DBT, please read “What is DBT?”.

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