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Deep cracks, hidden damage

The Guardian reports on the continued psychological impact from the Fukushima disaster in Japan:

Twenty years after the 1986 reactor explosion in Chernobyl, the World Health Organisation said psychological distress was the largest public health problem unleashed by the accident: “Populations in the affected areas exhibit strongly negative attitudes in self-assessments of health and wellbeing and a strong sense of lack of control over their own lives. Associated with these perceptions is an exaggerated sense of the dangers to health of exposure to radiation.”

We live in a world with very short attention spans. It's kind of out of necessity that we move on quickly with so much going on in our lives but there are some things we can't forget about. This is not the place for political statements (and to be honest I don't know where I would fall on the issue of nuclear power anyway) but it's critically important to remember that the psychological impact of a traumatic event often stays hidden for months if not longer.