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Forbes.com: The Forgotten Patients

Forbes magazine has a lengthy article on suicidality and its treatment. The magazine reports:

Wixom spent the next year in group and individual sessions learning practical skills to manage her emotions so that they didn't spiral out of control. They included distress tolerance techniques like plunging her head into ice water, devising ways to distract herself when bad thoughts arose and learning not to leap to the conclusion that one bad day implies a life of misery. She has not been hospitalized since. "DBT is the best thing in the world. It changed my life," says Wixom, who got married halfway through therapy and is raising two daughters, ages 10 months and 2 years.

The article discusses the difficulty in finding support for the treatment of suicidality but does highlight the importance of not ignoring the issue. Related to the purpose of our practice, however, is the prominence of DBT in the treatment of chronic suicidality. There is help, you just have to know where to find it.