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Mindfulness in Plain English

When teaching mindfulness as a DBT skill as often as I do - up to 10 times per month - I have to come up with new material to keep my classes, and myself, interested. Often, group members have heard the typical DBT core “what” mindfulness skills of:

  • Observe
  • Describe
  • Participate

And the “how” skills of:

  • Non-judgementally
  • One-mindfully
  • Effectively

But rarely have they been exposed to the actual origins of the DBT skill of mindfulness. In my studies, I’ve found that it’s a very deep and complex topic. I’ve not even been able to scratch the surface and I wish I had the time to understand it better.

To that end, I’ve been Mindfulness In Plain English to help guide my reading and discussion points. Yes, that’s the full book as a .pdf. Unbelievably, the publisher has allowed us to post it for free as long as I don’t charge you for it. Quite amazing. Please feel free to re-distribute it far and wide.