Dr. B's Blog

Group 05/20/2011

In today's group, we reviewed making wise mind choices and discussed all the factors involved in making a wise mind choice. As we discussed last week, it's important to consider all the facts of a situation, how you feel about it and what your body tells you about it. There were a couple other key points addressed in the homework review: make sure you address both sides of the question and a wise mind choice does not need to be permanent. That is, you can decide to decide later.

The new material consisted of an overview of the Mindfulness "What" skills:

  • Observe: Just notice using your senses, without words
  • Describe: Just the facts. Only observable information should be described. No interpretations, assumptions or judgements.
  • Participate: Just do it. Within the Participate skills, we broke it down to 6 levels of participation:

    1. Wake up
    2. Get up
    3. Show up
    4. Act as if you care
    5. Wholeheartedly
    6. Flow

Homework: choose one of the "what" skills and practice it.